MN3D Design Ltd. is a home based design, 3D CAD and 3D printing remote service for individuals and small businesses seeking help in realizing their concept idea into a real product.

Mechanical Design, Design Engineering with years of experience primarily in the High-Tech industry. Past projects have include the design of enclosures for electronic products and equipment, including main frame to desktop computers, handheld electronic devices including data collecting systems to mobile phones, and specialized devices such as rugged displays and associated rugged peripheral devices.

Additional responsibilities have included the design and development of support systems such as jigs, fixtures and various test fixtures and systems for the development, testing, evaluation and characterizing of of electronic products and devices.

MN3D Design Ltd. services include mechanical design of products, devices and various test fixtures, jigs and testing systems. All designs include individual component detail drawings and assembly drawings. For initial prototype evaluation of components FDM 3D printed is available.

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