Test Systems and Devices

ST MICROELECTRONICS is a manufacturer of semi-conductor products, proximity sensors being one of the components developed at the Edinburgh site.
The examples shown here are but a few of the various test devices and systems designed for characterization, evaluation and reliability testing of different types of laser based proximity sensors.

Mini IQC Station

Tablet Case
Enclosure for a tablet used for evaluating front and rear proximity sensors.

Beam Profiler Holder
This sliding fixture hold a Beam Profiler which aids the user in positioning the Beam Profiler over the device under test. The Beam Profiler is a bit heavy and does get uncomfortably warm during use. This fixture prevents fatigue over time during use. 

Motor Strut Assembly for rotating imaging targets on a movable sliding mechanism.

Glass Target used for testing proximity sensors. Photos shows assembled Glass Target on Motor Strut Assembly.